About us

Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Inc. (The House), was established in 2006 and it is an incorporated, not-for-profit, community based facility situated in the township of Riddells Creek.

The House is a warm and vibrant place that offers a variety of activities and programs based on the needs of the community. 


The House is located at 59 Main Road, Riddells Creek and operates 7 days a week.

Our office is open Monday to Friday from 10.00am - 3.00pm.


Activities/programs are delivered from 9.00am - 10.00pm Monday to Friday and varying times over the weekend.

Come and visit us soon! 

The house is open for business 51 weeks of the year, with an average of 130 people accessing the Centre on a weekly basis."Neighbourhood House" is a generic term for a variety of community and managed organisations that share a set of core values and work ethics. Currently there are around 400 Neighbourhood Houses across the state of Victoria and 6 are based in the Macedon Ranges. All Houses adhere to the Sector Principles which include;

"Community Ownership, Community Partnership, Empowerment, Access and Equity,

Lifelong Learning, Inclusion, Advocacy, Self Help and Social Action."

Please refer to Neighbourhoods Victoria website for further information.


The 6 Houses in the Macedon Ranges include; 

The Macedon Ranges Neighbourhood Houses (MRNH) Network is a collaborative and connected network that builds capacity within its houses and their communities as represented through our vision to facilitate and support the wider community. Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House receives some financial assistance from

the Macedon Ranges Shire Council and works in partnership on a number of  joint community initiatives.


The House is part of The Regional Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres known as RANCH; A network which plays a vital role in supporting the daily operations of all of the Houses.


Please refer to their website for further information.


The house also partners with a number of community and sporting organisations in

Riddells Creek to deliver a number of services and programs in response to the community needs.

Additionally the House auspices Riddells Roundup and The Riddells Creek Men's Shed.


The house was originally the old headmasters house for the primary school next door before it was relocated in the 1980's.

The old part of the house is filled with stunning period features including high ceilings. The new section of the house has been blended to complement the old house.


Today, the building has been converted to a multi-purpose space that currently delivers over 40 services and programs to the community. 


As an incorporated body, the Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Inc. has its own constitution, rules, role descriptions, policies and procedures. The constitution can be altered at an Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the requirements of the constitution, after which a revised copy of the constitution must be submitted to the Victorian Department of Justice under the Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Inc. obligations as an incorporated body. Rules and role descriptions can be altered at an ordinary meeting of the committee, changes to which then need to be notified to the general membership as soon as convenient.


According to the nature of a policy, the committee shall determine how each policy document shall be developed, 

reviewed and, if appropriate, revised. The policies and procedures of Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House Inc. determine the parameters, obligations and limitations affecting the running of the committee and the House.



To be a sustainable, social and learning focal point for our community's wellbeing.



Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House is a community facility that promotes participation by offering opportunities for the whole community and by providing diverse range of programs.



To accomplish our mission, Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House will base its decisions and actions on the following core value; to be inclusive, innovative and work with integrity.


Riddells Creek Neighbourhood House is now planning for the future and have devised a three year plan for 2019-2022.

Please refer to our current strategic plan that encompasses the following four main areas; Governance, Marketing,

Partnering and Engagement, Services and Maintenance.